• Night curated by Moomin

    January 22, 20:00 tour of the exhibition “Finn family Moomintroll: Moomin and other heroes of our childhood Come Friday to Hodgepodge together with our mum-curated by Daria Demehinoj make sure that the opening represented a quarter of the best things […]


    February 7, 15:00-February 21, 17:00 CLASSES AT MOOMINWORLD-BAG! 5 + FEBRUARY 7 | 13 | 14 | 21 Cute friends! We continue to flip through a book about Moomin adventures and acquaint you with the stories of heroes and their […]


    Moomin fans dedicated to ON WEEKENDS every hour | from 13.00 to 18.00  To your numerous requests, we renew for you a wonderful journey through the exhibition “Finn family Moomintroll: Moomin and other heroes of our childhood”. During the tour, […]

  • Finn family Moomintroll: Moomin and other heroes of our childhood

    23 December-February 23 ARTISTS OF THE EXHIBITION: Marina Abramovic Marina Alexeeva Olga Bozhko Marike Van Warmerdam Elena Gubanova Aleksandr Lisov Igor P. (Misha Lakin, Masha Sumnina) Milla Rinne Alexander Savko Rostan Tavasiev Proteus Temenus Andrey Topunov Anna Frants Evolution STUDENTS […]


    9 December, 20:00-10 March Within the programme of lectures school performance PYRFYR  20 January LECTURE BY ARTISTS GROUP TOTART Natalia Abalakov and Anatoly Zhigalov School performance lectures PYRFYR artists TOTART will hold the history of performance, creativity of Russian performance […]

  • Petrushevsky children’s Party or "Moomin songs about coming back from out of nowhere"

    31 January 18.00  In the credits of the animated “Moomin troll is songwriter-Lyudmila Petrushevskaya. This is a bit of Harms, because, in fact, no lyrics in the film no. In truth, Petrushevskaya-script writer of the film — but the script […]

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